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What do we do?

David Gould Mediation empowers people and organizations to get ahead and stay ahead of conflict before time, money and energy are lost and relationships are broken.

We help our clients manage their conflicts by supporting them with:

  • Conflict Management Coaching.
  • Custom Designed Dispute Resolution Processes.
  • Neutral 3rd Party Mediation and Facilitation. 
  • Workshops and Training Programs.

Who do we typically work for?

I have conducted mediation and facilitation services for individuals, corporations and stakeholder groups as well as government agencies, regulators, and aboriginal communities.

Why does it matter?

Conflict is everywhere and inevitable. How people manage it has a tremendous impact on their personal and business success.

What sets us apart?

I’ve spent many years honing my custom design process that brings the right parties, equipped with the right information, together in a dialogue that focuses on future solutions, rather than a debate about the past and who is right or wrong.   

Tangible results.

My customized process has seen faster, more cost-effective solutions and enhanced rates of settlement, but more than that it has preserved relationships that might have otherwise been severed.

For a confidential preliminary review and assessment please call me at 403 801 0234.

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